StandOne (Visa SA) was the official organizer and constructor of the Romanian Pavilion at the largest fair for Asian food in China – Sial Shanghai 2019

🔘 It offers the unique opportunity for meeting the market leaders of the food, beverage and hospitality industry in China, for building up new contacts and for finding new suppliers and business partners

📌 Participants: SenapanFabrica de bere AlbrauArtesans del Sucre SRLMoldovan – Carmangeria SânnicoaraCROCO BiscuițiDoripescoGerminoGrande Dolceria RomaniaCeaiurile VeddaMonceanu Inocasings, Natural, Passage Food RomaniaSC Prutul SARomaqua Group BorsecScandia SibiuSecretul Bunicii.