About us

Success and added value are mostly determined by quality. We’ve reached to this understanding during the 23 years of existence and 10 years of experience in conceiving, designing and executing stands for fairs and exhibitions as VISA SA.

We’ve come a long way and learned a lot these years, from patience and communication to refined execution and brand empowering. VISA SA was the starting point and milestone, which has turned into an all-embracing umbrella for our activities.

Yet, it is time for a change, since we grew and broadened our portfolio. Accordingly, we have created a special division for expos and fairs where we are going to put together all our know-how. This special division is STANDONE .

“Communication with the visitor starts 20 feet from the stand and an exhibitor has less than five seconds to attract the attention of a passing visitor, It is, therefore, vital that the design of the stand and use of lighting, movement and graphics work in synergy to reflect the right message to the audience ”

Fiona Duffin, marketing communications manager at The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre (QEIICC) in London.

Your branding vision coming to life

We are able to understand your brand values and shape the results you expect from each show, to design and deliver your custom stand that best represents your company’s identity, product innovation or top-class services you offer.

StandOne: custom stand designs engaging with your specific audience

Nowadays business is more than ever before centered on customer experience.
That’s why the “one size fits all” approach is bound to fail.
And that’s why StandOne strives to offer you a “unique custom design” to empower you reaching your target audience through maximizing the return on investment of your event.
Our team includes professionals highly specialized in their industry: that’s why we’re sure we’ll create a stand design able to deliver your message at its best and create durable business connections during trade shows.